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Understanding the concept and the depth of its base

Microeconomics is an important subject when it comes to dealing with the economical subjects underlying the entities surrounding the majority of the market in the current place. Microeconomics provides a virtue or a look through into the small effects of transactions and business which can lead to variations in a long time. Students must be taught carefully and approached steadily when dealing with subjects like these.

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What is microeconomics?

Microeconomics is the part of social science or study which deals with the individual households and human actions and how their decisions are inclined towards the scarcity of resources in the market. It is the study of individual units in decision making to allocate their application in the general market. It is generally applied in the market which deals with the transactions of goods and services and other issues.

Breaking down microeconomics, it is the study of the individual’s effort which directly or indirectly affects the demand and supply of the market. The microeconomics is broken into subparts which deal with consumers (i.e. who buys the items for their utility) and suppliers (i.e. who supplies the item to satisfy the utility of the consumers). A utility is the certain wants of the consumers towards goods and services that are needed to be fulfilled through demand and supply.

The components of microeconomics are listed down below into the following parts.

  • Demand, Supply, and Equilibrium of the market.
  • Theory of Consumer Demand and Supply.
  • Theory of Production.
  • Value of Investment in the market.
  • Market Structures.
  • Price Fluctuations and Demand and Supply control.
  • Cost of Production.
  • Welfare in the Economics.
  • Factors of Production.

Scope of Microeconomics

The subject matter and scope of microeconomics are divided into various parts which are pointed out below in the following factors.

  • Pricing of Commodities

The prices of different commodities in the market are actually determined by the market forces of demand and supply surrounding the market. Microeconomics deals with the study of these factors like the demand of the consumers or the consumer behaviour towards certain items and the supply behaviour of the product by the suppliers or retailers.

  • Theory of Factor Pricing

Factors are certain items which deal with the transactions in the microeconomics universe. Factors can be counted as land, capital, material, labour or any form of entrepreneurship in the market. Microeconomics deals with the pricing of these various factors and the fluctuation of the prices in the market. These factors are also determined in the contribution to the economy.

  • Economic Welfare

Economic Welfare deals with the availability of the items and resources in the economy for the production and utilization purposes. There are certain questions which arrive in the production process like ‘what to produce?’, ‘How to produce?’, ‘When to produce?’ and ‘For whom to produce?’ These questions are answered in the dealing subject matter for the welfare of the economic issues of the entire market.

Features of Microeconomics:

There are certain features of microeconomics which define the nature of the subject in a more certain way. Few points are discussed in the following paragraph.

  • Analysis of consumers

The behaviour of the consumer towards the different market forces affecting the consumer choices and preferences.

  • Method of calculation

Factors and different calculations of the theory of analysis to determine the various scopes of detail into market demand and supply.

  • Assumptions

The assumption of ceteris paribus is the primal focus of the consumer behaviour in microeconomics.

  • Application of the theory

The application of various factors of production and practical theories into the determination of the market forces.

What are the advantages of microeconomics?

Microeconomics surely deals with a small part of the economy but it covers a large portion towards the economic factor in the market. Microeconomics has huge advantages attached to it which is discussed below.

  • It deals with the individual’s behaviour towards market conditions.
  • It helps in the development of the price mechanism by fixing the demand and supply in the market.
  • It develops new economic policies which are built around in the market and used in the promotion of the economic development.
  • It acts as a defines mechanism for the public and helps help to fix the tax rates as well as achieve a proper mechanism of a fixed interest on investment in the market.
  • It helps to deduce unhealthy competition in the market through the free entry and exit of new enterprises.

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