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What enables the firm to establish a monopoly hold? – The sources

  • Natural monopoly:

When a particular manufacturer has full control on the sources of raw materials, or ifthey own them, no other company can use those for manufacturing a product. That’s a monopoly control.

  • Less elasticity in demand:

With more firms in market, demand of individual customer will vary from the demand of market. As a result, there will be more elasticity inproduct of firms than in market. Seek our monopoly assignment help at to know more.

  • Legal rights:

This type of monopoly is further broken into statutory monopoly and patent right. These are monopoly powers by law where sometimes the government controls a firm’s functioning. Again, if a company produces a new commodity, it legally owns all rights regarding the product’s usage.

  • Production at large scale:

A company holds the market based when it can manufacture a product at low rates than its competitors.

Other factors like need of technology, capital, market franchise, and collusive monopoly also help create power in the market. Monopoly homework help can be of much help in understanding the points in details. Visit our site for any query you have.

Characteristics as suggested by monopoly assignment help

  1. As in the name suggests, there is only one seller with many buyers. This seller can be an individual, partners or a joint ventured company.There exists no competition.The buyers are not influenced by price due to single
  2. The product of a monopoly firm doesn’t have close substitutes. The producer is free to alter price as his wish due to absence of substitutes or competitors.
  3. There is a barrier for other firms to enter the monopoly market.
  4. As one company rules, there are fewer chances that consumers can have proper information.
  5. In a monopoly market, a single firm creates an industry. So, the difference between these two terms is erased.

There are graphical representations of these concepts of economics. With monopoly homework help, be sure to get a step by step analysis of the various features and principles of this market structure.

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