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Money, in the economic sphere, is circulated continuously in a cyclic process. Whatever the income is, it gets spent in some or other way. An increase in income simultaneously increases the expenditure resulting in a multiplying effect in economy. The multiplied value is measured by economists to determine the rate of change. Everybody is connected to each other and the flow keeps going.

However, the size of this multiplication depends on two factors:

  • Marginal propensity to consume (MPC):

That’s the household’s decisions to spend an extra income.

  • Marginal propensity to save (MPS):

The family’s decision to save an extra income.

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What are the assumptions?

  1. While income upsurges in different rounds of consumption expense, the marginal propensity to consume remain It may also differ in certain cases.
  2. Net increase in investment during a period with no additional incidental effect.
  3. Absence of time-lag between:
  1. Increase in investment
  2. Subsequent raise in income
  1. An additionalcapacity remains in consumer products industry to meet with asudden rise in demand.

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Necessity or Importance:

  • Investment as an important factor.
  • Trade cycle and its analysis
  • Construction of economic policy
  • Importance of public investments
  • Bring equality between investing and saving

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Drawbacks of multiplier effect theory:

Here are the limitations of this theory –

  • The exclusive emphasising on consumption
  • Static phenomenon
  • Timeless phenomenon
  • Absence of empirical verification
  • The concept is a myth

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