Must Know Language Techniques for All Learners of English!

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There is absolutely no better way to strengthen your grip over language than undertaking a scientific approach to understand it. We all know that all particles are made up of atoms. That is to say, atoms are small units that come together to form a larger whole. The same theory holds true for something as abstract as language. We can consider words to be the atoms that make up a language.

The process, however, can be broken down into several steps. Words come together to form phrases, phrases stick together to make a sentence. And sentences intertwine with one another to give the language its structure.

So if we break down language into its formative elements, we would notice that it is made up of diverse components. For the sake of convenience, we are going to focus on English as a language. Now while speaking English we employ several language techniques either knowingly or unknowingly! These language techniques aren’t necessarily exclusive to one particular language. They might have different names in different languages, but the techniques remain the same.

Take, for instance, a rhetoric question. When we are having a bad day, we are often prone to exclaim, “could this get any worse?