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NASM has been one of the essential assemblers as it can produce much output using binary formats. The binary inputs include OMF, ELF (Executable and Linkable format), COFF, Mach-O etc. Several other concepts need to be understood while undergoing the course programme on NASM.

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A Brief Look at NASM 

The Net-wide Assembler is most commonly known as NASM. The assembler and disassembler language for Inter version of x86 is used to write programs with  32 bit, 64 bit and 16 bit. NASM is open-source software, and this is the reason it is most popularly used in for LINUX. A student undergoing the program on NASM will learn how to privatize binary formatting, essentially called as RDOFF. A trainee will determine the limitations of the process of executing on the non-x86 platform.

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