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Financial Statements

When an organisation does business, whether it is manufacturing or service or trading activity, it is interested in knowing two facts: where the business stands at a particular point of time in terms of finance, and what the operations done by the organisation during the particular period results in. For answering these questions, the organisation does the job of recording different transactions in a defined set of records.

This is known as accounting, and it ultimately leads to preparation of financial statements. It is understandable how financial statements and its nature are important for those studying finance and accounting. Our nature of financial statements assignment help services is aimed at helping out these students. Given that this subject, unlike its contemporaries has a number of facets associated with itself, our team at helpmeinhomework intend to delve into all these points.

Nature of Financial Statements

The nature of financial statements includes:

  • Recorded facts: Recorded facts are nothing but data taken out from accounting records. The actual cost data serve as the source to maintain accounting records.
  • Accounting conventions: Different accounting conventions like monetary measurement, historical cost convention, monetary measurement, realisation, materiality, separate entity, etc. are adopted for preparing internal and external financial accounts. When you take nature of financial statements homework help, you’ll realise that accounting conventions are helpful in making financial statements simple, realistic and comparable.
  • Personal judgments: Personal judgments play a very important role in the making of financial statements. For instance, in applying market or cost value to inventory valuation, the accountant has to use his own judgment to compute the cost in a particular case.
  • Postulates: While preparing accounting records, the account has to make some assumptions. These postulates do not require any proof since they are derived from accounting environment.

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