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Net present value is a measure used by finance teams to determine the viability and profitability of a project. Before we zero in on any investment, we must make certain the feasibility and profitability of the project to cover us with a safety net. Finance students are made to carry out such rigorous exercises to arrive at a conclusive report. To ease out their trouble, has come up with a unique project net present value assignment help.

Definition of net present value

  • It is difference between net present value of current cash inflow and outflow
  • The below-mentioned formula calculates net present value

NPV = ∑Tt=1 (Ct/(1+r)t) – C0

Ct denotes net cash inflow during period t

C0 denotes total investment cost

r is discountrate, and t is number of time periods

  • Positive net present value indicates expected earnings from a project is greater than
  • anticipated costs associated with project
  • A positive NPV thus denotes profitability whereas a negative NPV is a signal against investment
  • The formula is simplest form to denote NPV, however, excel spreadsheets, tables, and such tools are used to measure NPV of a project as suggests net present value homework help.

The use of various tools gives rise to an altogether different challenge to measure data accurately. The challenge arises because present value of certain fund is worth more in the present than in the future. Inflation when taken into account, the present value of a fund automatically reveals a greater value.

Different companies follow different strategy to reach at organizational objective and applied various tools to measure net present value. Net present value homework help suggests the usage of expected return on investment formula to arrive at the correct data.

Amidst the positive aspect of net present value, there exist many drawbacks and alternatives to the computation of the investment cost. Our team of experts has invested sufficient time to decipher the drawbacks and other aspects of the net present value.

Drawbacks of net present value 

  • NPV depends on multiple assumptions while computation of the value.
  • This heavy reliance on multiple assumptions leaves sufficient room for error.
  • Estimated factors incorporate investment costs, discount rate, and project feasibility.
  • A project cost might shoot up on ground while have been ignored during planning phase.
  • Discount rate and investment cost does not account for the risk involved in the project as suggested by net present value assignment help.
  • Internal rate of return is used in some cases as an alternate option of NPV with similar assumptions associated with some adjustments.

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