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The Net Operating Income or NOI Approach Theory is a part of the Finance Capital structure theory. At, we have the best expert tutors who can offer you complete NOI Approach Homework Help and allow you to submit your project exactly on time, as per the standards and quality of your academic institution.

What is NOI Approach Theory?

NOI or Net Operating Income Approach Theory is one of the important theories of Capital Structure, and David Durand suggested it. According to it, Leverage or debt of a firm is incapable of affecting the Capital structure theory. This indicates that Financial Leverage is not related to its capital structure. The capital structure decision does not change the value of a firm.

One can also describe NOI as a traditional theory. In simple terms, any change in the short or long-term debt or Leverage is not capable of affecting the value of any firm. In this theory, the overall firm value is completely independent of its WACC value. Thus, it does not affect the Economic Leverage or the capital structure decision. You can get complete NOI Approach Homework Help from our teachers in understanding and solving the project.

Conceptualising NOI Approach Theory and NI Approach Theory

This approach has the contrary view to the Net Income (NI) Approach that was also put forward by Durand. However, just like the former, the NOI approach also makes a few assumptions of its own. It assumes that for a specific risk complexion, the market assigns a value to the firm as a whole. Thus, for a given EBIT value, the firm value stays the same regardless of the capital composition. Instead, it is dependent on the overall capital cost. The equity value can be determined by deducting the debt value from the total firm value.

Although both NOI and NI are part of the Capital Structure Theory, they differ significantly from one another. It is essential for you to know how to understand the solutions to NOI assignments. In case you have any issues about these projects, you can rely on to provide you with expert NOI Approach Assignment Help.

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