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Oligopoly could be defined as a market condition where a small number of huge firms dominate with their goods and services.There are huge barriers to both enter and exit the market because of the boundaries created by the competition. Examples of oligopoly include airlines, commercial vehicles, etc. In order to learn the nuances of oligopoly, academic assistance is insufficient. Taking Oligopoly homework help from an industry of professionals could be one of the ways to meet this objective.

What leads to the formation of oligopoly?

There could be a plethora of reasons for oligopoly. However, the most common reasons for the formation of an oligopoly could be attributed to the following factors:

  1. Rigorous entry barriers
  2. Patents and contracts
  3. High demand for goods and services
  4. Unavailability of financial cushion to all the firms
  5. Government intervention

What determines the oligopoly?

A common reason for the formation of an oligopoly could be attributed to the barriers to entry in the market.For instance, if the government grants only a limited number of pharmaceutical firms to manufacture their drugs on certain ailments it leads to the formation of an oligopoly. This makes difficult for other firms to enter into the market. Students can learn the role of government intervention with Oligopoly assignment help from experts.

What is the role of demand in the creation of an oligopoly?

The quantity demanded for goods and services could lead to the formation of an oligopoly.  For instance, if we take Coca-Cola or Pepsi (larger firms), the smaller firms in this business know the preparation but are incapable of meeting the demand; which leads to an oligopoly. The larger firms have the financial muscles to meet the demands, which put the smaller firms at a disadvantage. Taking assistance on Oligopoly homework help from an expert could be a way to learn the vitality of demand in oligopoly.

Comment on whether or not oligopoly is beneficial

An oligopoly is beneficial to the customers so long as the firms compete healthily and do not overburden the customers. As oligopoly comprises of only a small number of larger firms, the chances are that these firms can conspire against the customers in order to increase their profits, acting as pseudo-monopolists. An Oligopoly assignment help expert could enable the students to learn the benefits of such a market condition to the customers with assistance from industry experts.

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