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Here, in an oligopoly structure, a major part of the market is controlled by few large firms whose decisions on various factors affect the other fellow oligopolists. There are competitions in oligopoly markets that results in different outcomes.

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Oligopoly market structure has certain characteristics:

  1. Number of firms:

There are few firms or sellers in an oligopoly market. They compete with each other influencing their actions and strategy.

  1. Type of product:

Since there are different industries, the kind of products of the participants may be identical or different.

  1. Barriers:

It’s quite tough to enter an oligopoly market due to economies of scale, complex and expensive technology, government licenses, patents, etc.

  1. Competition other than price:

The industries avoid a price war and compete on advertisement, publicity, loyalty schemes, product differentiation, etc.

  1. Increase in profit:

An oligopoly market maximizes huge profit as there are barriers for new firms to capture profits.

Other features like indeterminate demand curve need to be explained with graphs and models in oligopoly assignment help. A diagrammatic representation will not only grab your teacher’s attention to the project but also help you learn more clearly.

Let’s check the problems with this market structure:

  • It’s tough for small firms to establish themselves as an oligopoly market is controlled by extremely advanced companies.
  • There is rigidity in price. Though the prices vary, there are not much The companies decide on a limit, and customers have to pay high process no matter what.
  • A major disadvantage of oligopoly is that customers have little options for products and services to choose.
  • Again, the micro-economic motive remains unfulfilled with large companies making high profit and small ones making less.

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