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Financial accounting is an important part of accounting that relates to the financial section only. There are many accounting principles along with its detailed concept. A student needs to understand that how each concept is necessary. In addition, it is also important for a student to apply the concepts to real projects. So, financial accounting needs proper guidance to knowledge about each topic very carefully. Students may get confused, and this is the prime reason that they need guidance. Online Financial Accounting homework help guides a student in such a way that each term gets clear.

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Explain the term financial accounting

Accounting is the part that keeps each record in a proper way, and it is known as a book keeping system. But, when the records of book keeping are there only for the financial section of a company, then it is known as financial accounting. So, all records which are related to financial transactions come under financial accounting. In addition, all reports related to it are important where all financial transactions are summarised and recorded. The records are useful while preparing reports. Routine schedule is used to represent a report.

Why the statements are considered as external?

These are considered as external because these are given to outside of the company. The externals are given mainly to the stockholders and certain lenders. These are primary recipients and know about the statements directly from the company. However, customers, employees, investment analysts and labour organisations are secondary recipients. Here, it is important for you to know that the value of a company should not be declared. The reason of that is different people use this report for various purposes. GAAP or generally accepted accounting principles and accounting standards are common rules.

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Why are financial statements important?

Accounting system in finance section is important, and it generates some external reports –

Income system
Balance sheet
Statement of cash flow
Stock holders’ equity
Importance of double entry in financial accounting as well as accrual accounting system

Asset = Liability + stockholder’s equity

Accounting entry means debit side entry as well as credit side entry. It is important to give exact report any time to know an exact position of a company. The balance of asset is completely equal to the balance of account holder’s equity and liability.
Accrual basis of accounting is perfect for financial accounting. At this system, revenue takes place in the report only when cash is accepted.
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