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In the era of academic race and advancement in technology, students feel the educational institutes overburden them. They tend to feel gushing between their studies and their niche for technologies. In the period of internet, everything is available on one click. However, this evolution has been taken to another level of online homework help. Getting a homework help is an advantage for students but getting their work done by some, other online site is harming their knowledge. Websites dealing in such programs provide online Homework Help for Economics, accountancy, English, biology etc.

Homework help for subject like Economics

Economics is a social science that deals with the consumptions, distributions, national income, per capita income of a country, which determines a country’s growth and development. Getting an online Homework Help for Economics can be really a tough task not because the sites do not provide help in this subject but because understanding of the theoretical portions of the subject is based on practical understanding.

For example: you cannot calculate the per capita income of an economy unless you know the definition of it and vice-versa.  Submitting the homework from these sites for times more than required can hamper the examination results.

Need for online homework help

Students must understand the need for online homework help. Most of the websites dealing in such homework helps are concerned about their profits. They make focus more on their profits then on students’ need.

It is a debatable topic whether universities actually overburden the students or not, but if there is a student who find himself to be struggling between the preparations for exams and homework may opt for these sites but making this a regularity can harm their knowledge and Examination results. For example-  Students who seek online Homework Help for Economics can find it glooming when they get the work done for some money but Economics being the subject as practical as much as theoretical it can get them in trouble in future platforms.

 Role of the teachers, students and parents

Students- they should be obedient towards their work not because it will help them to earn marks but also to understand that these homework are given to them evaluate their capabilities.

Teachers- teachers on the other hand should pave ways to deliver their lectures in such an interacting way that student get involved in their work and feel the need to complete their assignments on their own.

Parents- parents are usually neglected in such matters but it is important for them to understand that whatever their children is doing on internet and how they are performing in their academics is their lookout. They should be aware of their wards’ chores so that they do not opt for unfair means.

Websites dealing in Homework Helps

Getting a genuine page for online help can be a very difficult job. Most of those who appear on the list are frauds, and many students of present generation do not give much importance to speculations. These sites creates a fake lists like online Homework Help for Economics, chemistry, physics, English etc  which creates a dependability amongst the students and thus they fall in their trap because everything looks so appealing and to the point.

However, blaming the sites is not the only way students who go for such ways should be equally blamed and the teachers who actually overburden the students.