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Importance of taxation

  • Taxation is important for a country as all people who have income need to pay to the government sectors. Taxation is important for the people to pay to the government or equivalent government sectors.
  • Government takes this taxation for fulfilling its need to develop the country. In addition, this is important to collect fund for the different expenditures.
  • Each person of a country needs paying tax very carefully so that government can utilise that amount. For paying tax, a person should fill a form with his yearly income.

There are different points explained above that make everything clear about taxation of a country. However, it is also important to know that some countries take very low tax.

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What are the different types on the basis of which tax are paid?

Tax means to pay a proper amount to government against your income. So, you must need to understand that who needs to pay tax? Those who have earning through their jobs or through their business need to pay this tax. The different types are as follows –

  • Income
  • Social security contribution
  • Payroll and workforce
  • Property
  • Tariff
  • Goods and services

These all are different types, but some types also have sub fields to make it convenient to all. These are as follows –

  • Income – This has three different types in which tax depends. These are income tax, negative income and capital gains.
  • Property – This has sub fields as property taxes, inheritance, expatriation, transfer and wealth. So, if anyone has any one sections of pretty out of these, then he needs to pay tax for that.
  • Goods and services – The different parts of goods and services are sales, value added and excises.

Taxes are important for all people, and it enhances the economic condition of a country. Now, for students, it is important to complete homework properly. However, sometimes it’s bit difficult, and this is the prime reason that students hunt for the best online taxation homework help. 

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