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Dividend policy stability

Every company has their own share of dividends necessarily. It is something that often more than just necessary. This is absolutely why one must take correct decisions while making the Dividend policy.

There is no doubt that stability in these dividends can bring in a lot of benefits. People must make sure thus, that they are opting for these policies only. Students can understand more with great Dividend Policy Stability Assignment Help.

Types of dividend stability policies:

Following are two usual types of dividend stability policies:

  • Small but regular dividends:

This is the very first of all types. Of course, the name says it all. In this policy,company agrees on a small but regular pay out. This way they will never miss out on a dividend. This makes sure that the people at least gets some amount of dividend.

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Regular dividends on every share

This is another type of these dividends. The company agrees on paying a particular amount of dividends on every share. Now, this doesn’t change with the prosperity of the company. Therefore no matter how much the company progress! They will always pay the same amount of dividend as agreed on initially.

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Regular percentages of Net earnings

This is the final type of pay out. This type of dividend is one of the most favoured of course, especially when the company trade shows promise. In this type of dividend, a particular percentage is determined.

And according to the same, these dividends are paid. For example, if a company agrees on certain % of net earnings! Then they will have to pay 20% of every single currency they have earned.

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