Organization Culture in Indian Organization Homework Help

Cultural Differences: Learn, Cope and live in Indian work culture

Culture is the upbringing of a person. Hence, it varies from person to person and also on society, religion and place. Students generally do not feel these differences when they are in school; for they stay in a familiar environment. Some do experience the change in college, but almost everyone has to cope with work culture.

Organization Culture in Indian Organization homework help from is necessary for every student. This is because it is quite too difficult to adjust to the leap you take from education ambience to work culture.

What is organizational Culture?

It is the skilled manner you groom yourself to when you work in a company. Your attitude plays a significant role in shaping up your work culture. It is a mix up of:

  • Belief
  • Thought processes
  • Behaviors
  • Attitude.
  • Ideologies
  • Principles.

Hence, it is a conceptual study where you have to deal with a combination of these factors to sustain the corporate environment. Likewise, the assignments are also interesting and vary from other usual subjects. So, students find it hard to complete them accurately, and they fail to score high. But, if you employ Organization Culture in Indian Organization assignment help, you can focus on practising your culture, while we will complete your homework.

Now, as the upbringing style of students varies from eastern to the western side of the world; it affects the organisational culture havoc.

How is work culture different in two sides of the same world?

  • Timings: 

On the western side, people strictly follow the office timings. Even though no one monitors the schedules, they prefer to reach on time and leave on time. Very rarely they stay back. On the other hand in India; employees come late and creep into the office, but they prefer staying late and doing overtime, for unknown reasons.

  • Productivity: 

In India, their priority is to get the work done, and in western culture, it is to get the work done ‘quickly’. They spend less time for coffee or tea breaks. While here in India, the break times are long along with elongated lunch hours. Hence; productivity varies.

  • Processes: 

Eastern culture is known to make the processes long and complicated. For instance, an employee can waste a whole day in accessing or availing the opportunity to talk to a person. While in the west, the processes and responses are quick and immediate so employees can get their work done quickly without delays.

  • Hierarchy: 

Indians follow a strict regime. You cannot reach a certain level until you have ample years of experience. Also, people of these positions treat their next lower employees differently as they take pride of those posts. So, their stays a huge communication gap. While on the west, employees converse and communicate regardless their designations and hence, the environment remains friendly unlike in India.

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