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Factors which affect financial planning

Various factors exist which affects financial planning. Some are:

  1. The risk involved in the production procedure plays an important part in a financial plan. Industries, where the risk involved, is greater would need more capital to cover that. Where the risk is low, those industries can get loans easily and even earn high profits through equities
  2. Another important factor which affects is the size and nature of the industry. If the industry is capital based, then more capital will be needed. Large scale industries with proper goodwill raises finance easily than a small scale industry
  3. The structure of the capital should be balanced between various securities. Some should always be kept near in order to get money if there is a crisis
  4. If the business is expanded or diversified, then it is a factor which will affect the plan. So flexibility in plan is needed in order to raise money easily for future expansions
  5. It also depends on the management of the company. It depends on them whether they will issue large number of equity shares or have debt capital
  6. When making a plan government policies and rules should be considered

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