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Who are participants in international financial systems?

There are several organizations which are formed at a global level.However,membership to such bodies usually does not differ greatly. The membership of international organizations consists of different countries around the world. They can be the super powers, the soft powers, and third world countries.

What is unique to note is that an organization like UN contains nearly all nations of the world but associations of the UN such as the IMF or the WHO or UNSC contain selective states. What is common is that states are a significant part of these bodies.

Another common element noted in most Participants in International Financial Systems Homework Help assignments is presence of other organizations which have earned a global name. Regional organizations of economic nature can be included in these systems.

Role of Participants 

The role of participants in these international financial systems depends on the objectives for which the system has been created. The members might be expected to play a positive role in curbing poverty, inhuman atrocities in the name of economy building, forced labor, and other issues.

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