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So, how much did you score in the essay writing examination?Not much? Is mom continuously running after you for your essay homework? Then, you should be reading this blog today.Today will play with some persuasive essay topics for middle school.

Let us find out about persuasive essay topics for middle school

Persuasive essays are argumentative essays. These essays utilise facts and logical reasoning. It tends to prove a point. It basically, attempts to persuade a reader to take a stance on a certain topic. Supporting figures should be there to back the idea.

Steps to write the best persuasive essay topics for middle school

  • The first step to write the perfect persuasive essay is to choose a stance. Decide beforehand, which side of the argument you want to support. This is just the beginning.Know, why you are writing the essay in the first place.  Then you can develop your essay.
  • Next, comes your readers or the audience. Who are they?What is their qualification? They are from which cultural background? Are they broad-minded or close-minded? There are numerous questions, which will cross your mind.Find out more about your audience. Will you get acceptance from them?
  • Now, sit down to research your topic. There should be great evidence for your essay. You will need to research extensively on the topic. That is the first requirement of writing a persuasive essay.
  • Now, comes the structure. Decide, what comes in the introduction art, body and conclusion.You will need to write and re-write the facts.

Certain prerequisites are there for you to follow for persuasive essay topics for middle school

Be well aware of the topic that you choose to present before the audience or readers. Unless and until you are sure about the topic, do not finalise anything. Read through all kinds of study material, be it magazines, newspapers, journals, websites and other publications, take interviews and ask people what they think about a particular topic.  This weigh, you can measure their pulse as well.

Write down both sides of the argument.  The topic should be debatable. You can write down conflicting thesis statement, in order to measure the power each carries.

Now, be well prepared to counter arguments. Audience nowadays is very clever and will not blatantly accept your view points. They will trash you really hard. Find, out witnesses and evidences to counter arguments. A proper preparation is extremely important.

Now, you are ready to present the case in front of your audience.

How can you support the argument?Find out facts about the topic you have chosen.These should be convincing enough. The statistics that you provide in your essay can have a huge impact on the audience or readers. It should be taken from trust worthy sources. Take out some quotes from eminent writers and presenters.Find out more examples from your sources. They create conviction in the minds of the readers.  Choose a topic which is interesting enough. This will keep you in the safe zone.

Now, I will take you through some persuasive essay topics for middle school. They are:

  • Should pets be allowed in school?
  • Nuclear weapons are an effective deterrent against foreign attack.
  • Teenagers should be allowed to take parenting classes.
  • We should teach etiquette skills in schools.
  • Teachers should be paid more.

Let us elaborate on the first topic for now.

Should pets be allowed in school?

It will be a really fun thing, isn’t it? You always have company.  Just glance back and you are sure to find your furry friend, giving you company. Many schools and rehabilitation centres for children consider keeping a pet with the student or trainee. Pets can keep our nerves in control, heart rate normal, brain functions well and many more.

The pets will also have fun in the open, outside homes. Nowadays, our homes are small, nuclear sized. So, they can also explore. You should make sure; the pet does not harm other students. But we should be aware of how pet animals can behave sometimes. Small animals like hamsters and mice can bite people. You should always make sure that your pet doesn’t bite or you keep it away from other children. Dogs and felines can be loud and run around when kids are trying to concentrate in the classroom. If your pet is obedient and quiet then it would be completely fine.

Another of the persuasive essay topics for middle school is ‘We should teach etiquette skills in schools’. Let us find out more on this. We all know, how important manners are, right? And indeed they should be taught in school. Without proper etiquette, the entire society would be ina mess. Children spend the most amount of time in schools. This is where the seeds are sown.

It is upto the adults to teach kids good mannerisms.Someone has to tell them about good and bad manners. Who can be a better advisor than the teachers whom we all look up to as our role models? Good manners help you attract good vibes from others. They get you respect from others. It is always good to teach children speech, poise and behavioural issues. It is in fact more important than education.

Nowadays, both parents are outside the house the entire day. They are working day and night to support the family, when everything is so costly.Double-income families are on the rise. So, it becomes all the more important to start these manners classes in school. Where else will the children learn from?

Etiquette should be awarded the status of a separate subject. It should be of prime importance in determining promotion of a student from one class to the higher one. So, how did you like my take on persuasive essay topics for middle school?

I also need some feedback on this. So, that I can get better on my blogging skills. Learning is life long and there is not end to learning. It comes after birth and goes till grave, so consider it important.