Persuasive Speech Topics– Convince Your Audience Today

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We all have heard about persuasive essay topics, haven’t we?  It is a kind of argumentative essay, written to convince someone about something or drive a point. The topics can range from political issue to cultural issues. It should be written, keeping in mind both sides of an opinion.

A persuasive speech is very similar to this. It is just verbal, not written on paper.However, the strategies to be followed remain the same.Persuasive speech topics are given in front of a live audience. I hope all of you remember having debated in school.While debating, you had to persuade your peers in accepting your point of view on a subject. It is just that and nothing very different. You also attempt to influence your audience with the persuasive speech.

There are various types of persuasive speech

They are determined by the contents of the speech. The 3 types of speeches are factual persuasive speech, value persuasive speech and policy persuasive speech.

The first one, factual persuasive speech determines whether a given topic is true or not. It has to be backed by evidence. This type of speech aims at convincing the audience, whether the event occurred or not. The topics that you will be taking up for presentation, needs to have documented support. Let us discuss some topics in this category. For e.g. Barack Obama is the first American president. There are no doubts about that.

All these persuasive speech topics are very well documented by evidence. However, there are certain other types of topics, which do not have strong evidential support. The Existence of God is one of the persuasive speech topics. The debate, whether the existence of god is true or false, exists since time immemorial. So, faith is involved here, which can be used to prepare a speech of sorts.

Value Persuasive Speech topics

Now, this type of persuasive speech topic is aimed at, whether something is right or wrong. It charges ethics, principals and moral of an issue. A few interesting persuasive speech topics can be:

  • Dating people on the web is not a good practice
  • It is not fair to segregate spaces solely for women

In such cases, there can be two kinds of views. It is very difficult to find out, why one person has claimed a certain fact to be right and why another person has claimed it to be wrong?However, you need to provide a strong reason for that. As, people on the other side of the table, will be waiting to pounce upon you to beat your ideas.

Do you know how you are to go about creating such a speech? I will tell you now.Provide evidence in support of your claim and then it will definitely click with your audience. Use facts. Look for facts in journals, publications, internet and any other reading material, on which you can lay your hands. Always, study your audience before attempting anything. Learn about the demographics.

Another speech type that you ought to study is – Policy persuasive speech. It generally happens in corporate settings. If happens, when someone proposes a policy and the audience rejects it.

There are various sections like, Problem-solution, Problem-solution with a cause, comparative advantage of solutions, Monroe’s motivated sequence. The basic pointers on this are:

Describe the nature of the problem and the depth as well. Then attempt to find out the causes and chart a direct relationship. Find out the conditions responsible for the same. Now, jot down the solution.

When your audience is aware of the problem, the take is a bit different. The speech can be created by summarizing the issue, comparing the different solutions and finalizing the appeal that can be made.Monroe’s motivated sequence is another process to present one of the persuasive speech topics.

Get the attention of the audience, by describing the story in details. Use a lot of drama, statistics and facts. Show the audience, why they need this type of solution. Talk about the need of the audience. Satisfy the audience, that I half the battle won.Visualize along with the audience. Then take action. It involves the audience as well, in the decision making process.

Let us discuss a few interesting persuasive speech topics today. Some animal related topics are:

  • Are pit bulls a dangerous breed?
  • Should we kill a dog that has bitten someone?
  • Should breeding / puppy mills be banned?
  • Adoption of pets, rather than purchase.
  • The benefits of having pets.

Some, transport related topics can be:

  • Should the driving age be 14?
  • Why Ferraris can be dangerous to drive?
  • Driving test are not conducted properly, leading to accidents
  • The danger of drunken driving
  • Look out for animals when driving through forest areas

Business related persuasive speech topics are:

  • Advertising is the call of the day
  • Owning a business can make you lose your sleep
  • Business can be risky
  • Why introverts make good business leaders
  • What is niche marketing?
  • Advertising plays with the mind of consumers

Some Day-to-day easy topics would be:

  • The vagaries of sms while driving
  • People should eat less junk food and fries
  • Recycling of goods should be encouraged
  • You should drink more water to hydrate yourself

Education related topics are very common in persuasive speech topics. We can choose different topics, like whether teachers can wear uniforms, role of celebrities in driving down points.  The topics are endless. It is the need of the hour that decided persuasion. It is a skill, if mastered can create ripples of change in society. People can fall back on their position in such cases.

Barriers can be recognized well in advance. Do not make assumptions when persuading people. Do not be desperate. Otherwise you will fall flat.

Main thing is to understand the audience. Their pulse is extremely important.  If you listen to your audience, they will usually help you in determining the process of persuasion. Good persuaders have good communication skills. So, get organised and feel confident, that is the criteria to succeed in persuasion.