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Physics is greatly important in the world. It defines a major aspect of our daily life; like for example workings of a machine like an elevator, how gravitational force works or even what keeps the earth rotating. Such questions are explained by physics and if you are interested in it, then it is imperative that you know about all its branches with physics assignment help.

Physics and its branches

Physics is vast subject. It deals with the tiniest of molecules to the whole composition of the universe. Thus, it is only natural that it be divided into several branches. Wondering which one would further your career? Well, take a look below and choose wisely.

Classical physics

Classical physics deals with the very fundamentals of physics and its various theories. It comprises of the laws of motion, gravitations, kinetics, electromagnetism, and so on. It deals with the relationship between matter and energy.

Classical physics also comprises of other subdivisions of physics like optics, sound and such other topics. Thus, it is very important to have a good knowledge about classical physics with physics assignment help, as it forms the very foundation.

Atomic physics

It deals with the constituents of the atom and its behaviour. It is concerned with the protons, neutrons and electrons and as well as the nucleus. Even nuclear physics falls under this category as it is the study of the atomic nuclei. It deals with the behaviour, interactions and structure of a nucleus and has a lot of scope.

Modern physics

Modern physics is another branch which has prospered since the innovations of Einstein and Plank. It is mainly based upon their theories and it treats matter and energy as the same entity, albeit present in different forms. It mainly deals with the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. Thus, it poses a sort of challenge to the students for which physics assignment help is required.


It is the study of objects in motion with the application of force. It comprises of both classical and quantum mechanics and thus form a part of both classical and modern physics. While classical mechanics deals with the various laws of motions with the presence of force, quantum mechanics on the other hand, involve the study of atomic and sub atomic particles that defy the Newtonian laws of motion.


It is the study of heat and temperature and its relationship with work and energy. It is the transfer of heat from one form to another, explained by the four laws of thermodynamics. It also deals with the study of how temperature, pressure and volume affect a system.


Astrophysics deals with the study of the astronomy that involves the laws of physics. It studies the workings of the universe with the help of physics. Like for example, it postulates theories as to what keeps the planets orbiting round the sun, the existence of black holes and worm holes, the creation of stars and so on.


So, go ahead and opt for physics assignment help to understand and find your true calling. Physics provides vast opportunities to students and is thus, so sought after.