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The Concept of Planning and Control

In every organization, a separate planning department is established which is responsible for the implementation of plans and policies dealing with the basic concept of production. Planning and production system are responsible for the designing the product and finalization of the procedure.

Production planning is important for the inspection, dispatch, inventory management, quality management, equipment management and supply management. Production control takes the responsibility that the production team can attain cost savings, proper use of resources, production target and quality management.

Role of Planning:

  • Planning department is responsible for the right amount of quantity and quality of equipment, raw materials for the production.
  • It ensures that organization can deliver products in regular manner.
  • It is responsible for reducing the production costs.
  • It makes sure that the suppliers get informed for the requirement of the raw materials in advance.

Role of Control:

  • Control department is responsible for the flow of production process.
  • It is responsible for the maintenance of the production quality.
  • It controls the wastage of resources.
  • It organizes the schedules of production
  • This department regulates inventory management.
  • The department is responsible for the full utilization of resources and the process of production.

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