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The sub-categories like debt market or bond market make the money market.

Players in the debt market homework helpWho are the participants?

Institutional investors are the predominant players in the debt market. Debt market represents a wholesale market with banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, large corporate, provident fund and mutual fund houses being the key participants.A small number of large players concentrate the market. The participants have the authority to issue debt instruments. In practice, the instrument is either auctioned to the participant or placed in private.

Take a peep into the secondary market through players in the debt market homework help. Post placing the debt instrument, secondary market takes over where negotiations are conducted by telephone. To raise funds for infrastructure projects or healthcare facilities, Government issues debt instruments and treasury bills.

Let us focus on the key players in this market:

Central government

  1. It issues bonds and treasury bills to fund budgetary deficits
  2. Debt instruments issued are usually long terms while money bills are short termed in nature

Reserve Bank or Central Bank 

  1. The central bank is the investor of the Government. It raises fund for Government through issuance of debt instrument, treasury bills
  2. Takes part in open market operations in money market controlling money supply to the economy

Primary dealers

  1. Players in the debt market homework help discusses about all intermediaries appointed by Central Bank
  2. They underwrite government securities and have access to call and repo markets

Public sector undertakings

  1. They issue debt securities to fund their operating capital
  2. They invest in bonds in debt markets

Other participants in debt market investing and holding debt portfolio to raise their working capital are as follows

  1. Development and financial institutions
  2. Banks
  3. Insurance companies
  4. Mutual Fund
  5. Foreign institutional investors
  6. Provident and Pension Funds
  7. Charitable institutions and trusts

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