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Understanding Working Capital

Working capital helps in measuring a company’s efficiency and financial health and determines whether a company’s short-term assets are more than its short-term debts or not. It is a financial metric, which brings out difference between a company’s current assets and current liabilities. Working Capital is calculated by the following formula:

Working Capital = Current Assets – Current Liabilities

If a company’s current assets are not more than its current liabilities, then the company may have to face serious trouble and even bankruptcy. When the current liabilities exceed the current assets, then the company is said to be suffering from Working Capital Deficiency.

Concepts of Working Capital

While studying Working Capital, we come across two concepts, which are explained by our subject experts related to Meaning and definition of working capital assignment help at helpmeinhomework.com. Let us go through the concepts in brief.

  • Gross Working Capital: The investment of the organisation in current assets is called gross working capital. The current assets include those assets which can easily be converted into cash such as short-term securities and inventory stocks.
  • Net Working Capital:Net working capital gives difference between the current stock and current liabilities. The value of net working capital can be either positive or negative depending on which ofthe quantities are greater. If current liability exceeds this current stock, then value of net working capital is negative and vice-versa.

Some important topics to consider

Meaning and definition of working capital homework help experts cover the following topics:

  • Adequate working capital and its importance
  • Factors determining the requirements of working capital
  • Working capital financial mix
  • Working capital management
  • Estimation of working capital
  • New trends in financial working capital introduced by banks
  • Zero working capital approach
  • Operational cycle method

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