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Finance is a subject concerned with theories and more of practical problems. Learners pursuing their careers in the field must be aware of one of the most important portions in finance, which is Investments.

Investments involve risks, gains and losses. Nature of return is unpredictable and cannot be pre-determined. Investments as a subject portion allow learners to understand the workings of present market and all factors affecting its functioning.

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Let us know more about returns 

Portfolio Return 

In finance, portfolio is a collection of investments that comprises of financial institutions, investment companies, hedge fund or an individual hold.

Portfolio return is a monetary return that a holder of a portfolio yields. The calculation for this return is done on daily or long run basis to refer as method of assessing a certain kind of investment strategy or plan.

Capital appreciations and Dividends are main constituents of such portfolio returns. The calculation of portfolio returns can be done through various methods like:

  • Time-weighted Returns– this is a measure of compound rate of return of portfolio over the given period. It needs a situate of sub-period to make calculations whenever there is external cash flow like withdrawal from portfolio or deposits.
  • Money Weighted Returns- this is to measure rate of return for certain asset or portfolio of asset. The calculation yields result by finding required rate of return, which will set current Values of cash flows and the terminal values that are equivalent to value of primary investment.

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Security Returns

A security return is the profit or loss of security in a certain period. This return consists of income and the capital profits that are relative to the investment and generally represented as a percentage.

The general principle is – the more risk you bear, the greater is the possibility of higher returns and losses.

While few investors will resolve for principle protection, most of them are in quest of return especially alpha returns. Alpha returns yields when an investment develops more money than its cost.

There are three main kinds of security returns. The calculation for all three involves the similar method.  However, inputs have separated labels.

  • Security Return on investment
  • Security Return on equity
  • Security Return on assets

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