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Preference shares: Meaning

Our expert team of preference shares assignment help knows every detail about preference shares. But for your knowledge here’s a short brief description of what a preference share is. These are shares of a firm’s stock with dividends which are paid to shareholders much before common stock dividends are issued. In case of any bankruptcy, the preference shareholder will be paid first from the company’s assets.

Features of preference shares

  1. These are long-term source3 of finance.
  2. The dividends here are higher than debenture interest.
  3. Irrespective of the amount of profit, preference shareholders get afixed rate of dividends.
  4. Preference shares have some characteristics of debentures.
  5. This is not tax deductible expenditure.
  6. There are no voting rights for the preference shareholders.
  7. The shareholders have a preferential right o receive dividends in case of any bankruptcy.


  1. It is a great appeal to cautious investors.
  2. There is no charge on assets.
  3. There is no outside interference.
  4. These are flexible.
  5. As stated earlier, there is no obligation for dividends.

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