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Accountancy has several tools to deal with the financial aspect of any business. Present value is one of such tools.Students of accountancy have to study present value to learn the skill of measuring the fairness of any future financial benefits or liabilities. There are six parts in this topic. Part two is more confusing as it involves handling more than one future amount. teaches this complicated topic in a very simple way so that students can easily do present value calculation. Moreover, we also provide outstanding present value part two assignment help service to them whenever they have to submit multiple assignments in a short span of time.

What is the present value?

Let us explain the term present value with an example. Suppose, you have deposited $100 into your savings account today. In due course of time, its value would increase to worth over $100. It is due to time value of money. Time value of money states that the current value of money is more valuable than its future value.

Adequate knowledge on present value part one is very important for understanding the remaining parts of the topic. In total, present value has six parts. Our assignment help service is available for all the six parts, including present value part two assignment help.

There are two chapters in present value part two:

•    Frequency of Compounding

The frequency of compounding includes lots of calculations. Here, interest is compounded annually, semi-annually, quarterly, and monthly. When calculating interest amount for different time periods, students will notice the variations with different compounding assumptions.     The number of interest deposits will be 2, 4, 8, and 24 for annually, semi-annually, quarterly,     and monthly, respectively. While the annual interest rate will get divided. For example, if the annual interest rate is 12%, then semi-annual, quarter, and monthly interest will be 6%, 3%, and 1%, respectively.

•    Handling more than one future amount

To determine the present value of two or more future amounts, with different investment times, one should simply discount each amount separately.

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How to calculate the present value of a single amount?

Students often contact us when they get homework on calculating present value. Present value calculations consider only cash amounts. For calculating present value, one needs to discount back the future cash amounts to the present time. Present value calculation is also known as a discounted cash flow technique.

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