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Let’s discuss the subject in brief

What is prisoners dilemma?

The prisoners dilemma is an irony in decision analysis where two individuals act in their best interest to perform a course of action that does not give them the ideal outcome. The concept prisoners dilemma has been established in such a way where both the parties choose to secure themselves at the expense of the other member.

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What are the main aspects of this theory?

To more precisely describe the various aspects of this theory, an example has given. Suppose you and your friend have committed a crime and both have been caught. You have been held in a separate cell so that you cannot communicate with your partner. Under such a condition, you both are offered a deal by the police where you need to decide what you can do to stay independently. The deal involves the following aspects –

  • If you confess ad your partner denies to take part in the crime; you will be set free.
  • If both confess the crime, you will have to serve six years of imprisonment.
  • If you both deny taking part in the crime, you will have to serve six months of imprisonment.

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