Privacy Policy of Help Me in Homework for Students
Go Through the Privacy Policy to Avoid Any Problems Later On

Brief Introduction:

Help Me in Homework is a professionally run institution which has its presence in five continents and spread over various countries. They are managed by a highly professional team of dedicated individuals who can be considered as experts in their chosen vocation. They have a single minded approach to help out students who face trouble with their periodical assignments. They specialize in giving individual attention to each student by taking care of the students’ individual needs. They have a perfectly laid down privacy policy and they abide by it in all respects.

Privacy Policy of the company:

Help Me in Homework is a reliable institution who can be relied to protect the private interests of the students. The salient features of its privacy policy can be enumerated as follows.

Maintaining confidentiality:

The prime requisite of the privacy policy is that they are bound to protect the confidentiality of the students in all respects. They do not sell or share the subject matter of the assignment of a particular student with others. In the same manner they ensure that the information provided by the expert is available only to that particular student only.


They are a professional organization and professional organizations charge fees for the services they provide. Help Me in Homework is a PayPal verified site and all their dealings are through this mode of payment only. The clients can rest assured that their confidential information like credit card and bank details are handled by PayPal and the institution does not have any role to play in it.

Disclosure of private information:

At the time of registration the student has to divulge certain personal details about their selves. The company is under a strict obligation to maintain the secrecy of the students in all matters. They do not share this vital information with anybody under any circumstances. However they have a right to disclose such information only as a statutory requirement when requested for by the Government in a judicial proceeding. They also have to ensure their own legal rights and if they find that the personal information of the students is an infringement on their legal rights they have to disclose it to the concerned authorities.

Maintaining the sanctity of the agreement:

It is to be noted that the sanctity of the agreement is to be maintained by both the parties. This means that the client too has a responsibility of maintaining the privacy and the company expects full cooperation from the clients in this regard. They have a right to proceed against a client if they find out there is an infringement of this sanctity agreement.


The company is well within its rights to amend the privacy statement at any time and the decision becomes binding on the client. Hence the clients are advised to routinely check the online site of this company at regular intervals for privacy updates. The updates are uploaded on the internet at regular intervals and failure to go through them cannot be treated as an excuse by the client for proceeding against them in any court of law.