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A process is a set of transformation which is undertaken to bring about a conversion of input elements into a product, keeping in consideration the constraints. It can also mean to achieve a defined mission corresponding to a specific purpose in a given environment. In the field of engineering the processes may take any dimension and shape and there are a wide range of the same. Through our Processes Assignment Help service the complexities in regards to processes assignments can be resolves with ease.

The Concept behind Processes

A series of interrelated tasks that together transform inputs or outputs are known as processes. Some major aspects behind processes which are important to understand in order to resolve queries in this connection are:

  • These tasks involve a number of people, nature or machines and resources.
  • Engineering processes are considered in the context of the underlying agents and the resources involved.
  • Processes form the basis for system engineering and capability Maturity Model Integration.
  • A variety of natural conditions and environmental factors effect processes.
  • To study and decipher into any given process one needs to follow imposed conditions, rules and regulations.
  • The operations in a process are applied according to logic and steps are followed keeping in mind the target of maximum utilization of resources and minimum wastage.

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Processes in different industries

For different industries the conversion of inputs into outputs would take up different dimensions. In some industries the devices may be hi-tech and in other they may be more labour industry. To get a detailed knowledge in regards to processes one needs to get insight into processes of various industries:

  • Semiconductor Industry

In a semiconductor industry the process engineers face the challenge of manufacturing of hi-tech devices. For this purpose they rely on interconnected physical and chemical processes.

  • Chemical Industry

Our Processes Assignment Help service covers processes of the chemical industry which include Process Flow diagrams, piping and instrumentation diagrams, Detailed process description and simplified process description.

  • The scope of processes study stretches to Project management and project simulation.

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