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Program Evaluation and Review technique is commonly known as PERT. It is a statistical tool which is used in the management of projects. Its function is to assess and represent the jobs which are involved in completing a given project. The PTER is usually used along with another technique known as the Critical path Method (CPM).

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Steps involved in Program Evaluation and Review technique 

PRET is a technique which must be performed step by step and thus it is important to know them in an organized order. Our Program Evaluation and Review technique homework help shall introduce students to the concerned steps:

  • The jobs which havebe performed in order to finish an entire project are identified, and then the beginning and the end activities of each task involved are listed.
  • This step is a continuation of the first step, where the order in which all these activities are to be performed is determined.
  • The next step is to construct a diagram based on the first two steps. In this diagram, the activities are marked as network lines drawn as arrows and the goals or objectives are represented as circles. Nowadays, no one draws these network diagrams manually but makes use of the software which can generate network diagram based on tabular information.
  • The fourth step is to determine the maximum limit of time which can be taken to finish the entire project. Any unit of time can be used; commonly the aim is to finish the work within a few days or weeks.
  • Next step would be to use the critical path method in order to determine the critical path.
  • The last step is to update the PERT plan according to the real progress of the project. Once the project starts, the estimated time period can be replaced with more realistic objectives regarding the time period.

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