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What is public finance?

Public finance deals with the budget prepared by the government with regard to the allocation of resources. A government has to plan its financial activities ahead of time to properly execute all projects. All these financial activities of the governmentfall under the category of public finance, a branch of economics.

The government earns revenue in the form of taxes and others,the money earned is used for multiple purposes like improving the infrastructure, healthcare, defense, salary of government officials, retirement benefits given to a citizen, various developments etc.

A budget has to be prepared in advance to ensure that the earnings and expenditures of the government are at par, or the earnings exceed the expenditure. Public finance deals with the planning of this budget.

Public finance assignment solutions:

Students come across multiple problems when trying to solve an assignment on public finance. They might have a problem in calculating the budgets, they might be asked to study the latest investments of the government, its long-term and short-term financial goals, so on and so forth.

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The major concerns of public finance:

Students have, in the past, confided in us that they find it useful to understand a subject when the various aspects of it are enlisted for them or explained to them in a point wise method. We have tried enlisting the major aspects of public finance for you, hope you will find them useful.

The basic subheads under public finance are:

  • Public revenue:

This includes the earnings of the government in the form of various taxes and custom duties


  • Public expenditure:

The various expenses made by the government in various projects pertaining to the category of public expenditures. This includes everything from healthcare and defense budget to subsidies and fundings


  • Public debt:

Another source of government’s income is where it issues government bonds, securities or bills to the public and borrow money in return. Public debt is the debt owed by the government to its citizens


  • Financial administration:

Now we know about the earnings and expenditures of the Government, but to maintain economic stability, the government has to wisely plan these things. The expenditures should not greatly exceed the incomes; the incomes must be able to support the ongoing project. The whole balancing of the budget has to be looked after, analyzed and executed, and the management of the same is known as financial administration.

With our public finance homework solutions, you can learn about financial administration, public expenditures, public revenues, and public debt in greater detail.

Public finance and Taxes:

If you have an assignment on public finance, you also possibly have to answer questions on taxes, they are an absolute favorite with schools! So the first thing you need to know about taxes is there are two types of taxes, direct tax, and indirect tax.

A direct tax is one where the tax is paid the person it is levied upon. For example, income tax or wealth tax or entertainment taxes.

Indirect taxes, on the other hand, are levied on one person and paid by another; for example, the taxes we pay on purchasing goods and services. Here the tax was originally levied on sellers but has been passed on to the consumers.

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