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Over the years numerous programming languages have been developed to perform unique tasks. They make elaborate calculations look easier than ever and allow us to obtain the evaluated data within just a few seconds. One such programming language with huge real-time purpose is R. The unique name for this coding language is after its authors Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka.

R programming language is a software environment which plays a significant role in evaluating and reporting statistical data, and also creating the graphical representation. R is available in a pre-compiled binary version for all major operating systems. This includes Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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A brief understanding of R

R programming language is a GNU project and has certain similarities to S languages. It has been established that the codes written using S language can run uninterrupted under R. It acts a source of various graphical and statistical techniques such as the classical statistical evaluations, linear modeling, non-linear modeling, clustering, and time-series analysis and so on.

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What is R Environment?

The R environment can be defined as a framework which has multiple software facilities integrated into one and performs major functions like data manipulation, graphical display and so on. The R Environment consists of-

  • A tool for calculation on arrays, in specific matrices
  • An effective storage facility and source for data handling
  • An enormous, integrated collection of tools for facilitating data analysis

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