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Retrenchment basically means to cut short. In Business Management, retrenchment refers to those products and services which are discontinued temporarily or permanently to cut the expenditure of the company short. This is usually done by companies to get away with useless spending and to make itself, financially stable. Companies need to be financially stable unless which they cannot stay in the market for long. This is why this step is usually taken.

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Some facts about Retrenchment

These are some facts about Retrenchment that help me in homework offers you:

  1. Retrenchment, as you all know, means cutting short of goods and services and in some cases even employees to do away with excess expenditure.
  2. Every company needs to make it stable to retain itself in the market. Business in itself is a risky job and to risk even its financial identity, would be a great loss which is where Retrenchment steps in.
  3. Retrenchment involves the doing away with products which bring in less profit or no profit and services which tend to bring in no customers.
  4. Only the most beneficial aspects of these, when retained for the future well-being of the company, is what Retrenchment basically is.
  5. There are certain numbers of strategies that you will find under this topic. Restructuration is done by most companies for revitalising their financial situation.
  6. There are mainly 3 approaches related to Retrenchment. Those 3 are liquidation, divestment and turnaround.
  7. In case a different company buys a certain company, this situation may cause this scenario of possible retrenchment.

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Problems faced by students while studying Retrenchment

These are the following problems that students face while studying Retrenchment:

  1. Retrenchment is a chapter that provides us with a lot of case studies, and since that is so, students have problems in dealing with them.
  2. Students tend to have problem in implementing what they have theoretically learnt in their case studies, homework and assignments.
  3. Students again, make mistakes in choosing the product or service that they are to do away with.
  4. Lastly, the assignments and homework that they are burdened with tend to create a lot of problems for them too.

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