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Return on Investment: At a glance 

Return on investment or ROI is a performance measure that is used for measuring investment efficiency or comparing the efficiency of varied investments. ROI is a measurement of the amount of return on a specific investment with relation to the cost of the investment.

ROI is calculated by dividing the return or benefit of investment by investment cost and expressing the result as a ratio or percentage. The formula for ROI is given as:

ROI = (Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment)/Cost of Investment

ROI indicates all the advantages that an investor desires whenever he or she invests. If you can find a suitable return from a specific investment, it can reach higher standards in the industry. While calculating ROI, every available investment choice is set against each other in order to calculate proper rate of return.

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Why is return on investment important?

Return on investment is essentially used as a basic measurement of the profitability of an investment. It is an extremely famous metric, due to its simplicity and versatility. It can be extremely easy to compute and interpret ROI and apply them to various types of investments.

ROI calculation is an effective way to decide whether an investment is successful. This is an important method for calculating all the profits earned from one of more investments as a business capital.

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