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Know more about Risk and Expected Return

  • Risk 

Investors buy financial assets such as shares of stock as they wish to augment their wealth i.e. to gain a positive return on the investments made by them. However, the future is unpredictable; investors cannot know the rate of return they will get on their investments.

In Finance, assumption is that the individuals’ decision is based on what they expect or assume to occur and their assessment of how probable it is that what expected would be close to what actually happens.

When measuring the possible investments in the financial assets, these two mechanisms of process of making decisionare called expected return and risk.

  • Expected Return 

The future is uncertain. Investors are not aware with the certainty that the economy will be growing or would face recession. As such, they are not aware what return rate they would yield on the investment made by them.

The expected rate of return on the stock displays the mean of the possible distribution of probable future returns on stock.

  • Calculations 

Expected return is calculated as weighted average of probable profits of assets in portfolio, weighted by probable gains of each class of assets. Expected return is measured with this formula

E( R)=w1R1+w 2Rq+……+ wnRn

Expected return is generally has its basis on past data and does not guarantee anything. Mostly, the expected return is the tool that helps to concludes whether the investment has positive or negative results. You will come to know more about it in our Risk and Expected Return homework help manual.

  • Risk must be analysed

It is dangerous to make decisions on investments because of expected returns. Investors must review the risks that are involved in investment opportunities before ascertaining any decision. This determines if investments line up with the portfolio goals.

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