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Risk Return Relationship- All you need to Know

Risk and return spectrum state the relationship between certain amount of returns gained on investment and specific amount of risk undertaken in that particular investment. The risk involved increases with an increase of returns wanted.

Relationship between risk and return refers to the study of the effect of both determinants on each other. We measure the effects of an increase or decrease risk on the return of investment. Following are the main kind of relationship of Risk and Return-

Direct Relationship between risk and return

  1. High risk- High return 

In this type of relationship, if an investor will take more risk, he is likely to get a return that is more positive.

  1. Low risk- Low return 

This is also a direct relationship between risk and return. If any investor decreases their investment, it refers that he is decreasing his risk of loss at that period. Thus his returns will also decrease.

Negative Relationship between Risk and Return 

  1. High risk-Low return

Sometimes, an investor increases his investment for yielding high return however with increasing return; he had to face low returns, as it is the nature of the project. There is no advantage to increasing his investment in such project.

  1. Low risk-High return 

There are certain projects that assure you high return if you invest low. For Example- the central government of a nation requires money since it is in need of money in an emergency it is allowing a high return on investments.

The progression 

There are certain classes of potential investments, each with various positions on overall risk and return spectrum. Few common progression is are-

  1. The short-term debt
  2. The long-term debt
  3. High-yield debt
  4. Property

Elements of progression 

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  1. Short-term loans to good government bodies
  2. Mid-term yet the long-term loans to the government bodies
  3. Short-term loans to the blue chip corporations
  4. Mid and long-term loans to the blue chip corporations
  5. Options and futures
  6. High yielded debt equity
  7. Rental property Equity

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