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Students in this era are fortunate enough to have opportunity to learn so many different subjects. Apart from the basic subjects, many new subjects have been introduced in the last few decades. These are added to the academic curriculum in the schools, colleges, and universities. These subjects are not only interesting but also help students to build their career. Such a subject is Advertising. It is one of the most important and useful subjects and this subject offer bright career prospects to the students.

Concept of Advertising

Advertising is basically a tool used by the companies to promote and market their brands, products, services, and its likes. Advertising is a creative subject. Behind a successful advertisement there is active participation of hard working people. Copywriters, graphic designers, and a whole advertising team contribute to the success of every advertising. Advertising is an awareness tool through which, people come to know about new products, services, etc.

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Role of Advertising

Advertising makes the brands popular and known to general public. Advertising persuades people to use the product. This is no doubt an effective way which brings in more profit for the company. The role of Advertising can be divided into four sections:

  1. Marketing Role
  2. Communication Role
  3. Societal Role
  4. Economic Role

Advertising helps in increasing sales turnover. It controls prices of products and makes new customers for new and existing products while retaining the existing consumers. Advertising helps most consumers in their decision-making process related to purchasing of endorsed products. It improves the lifestyle and raises the living standard of a majority of people. Many people get employment opportunities in the Advertising industry.

Assignment on the Role of Advertising

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