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High school is the most exciting part of school life. This is the time when students create the best memories with their friends. But, this is also the most important time for them to decide the career that they want to pursue. For that, it is very important to focus on the studies and excel in the examinations. The projects, or assignments whatever are given by the school must be submitted on-time to get high grades. Not only that, the quality of work should also be good.

Now, essays are often given as homework to the students. The problem with essays is that it requires quite a lot of research to write a good one. Moreover, confusion is choosing the essay topics for high school pupils, which should be interesting for the teacher to read as well.

Categorically sane

There are so many categories of essays to choose from. Do you know what the types of essays are? Before moving further and understand that which essay topics for high school are interesting, let me give you a brief idea:

  1. Descriptive essays:

These essays are meant to create a vivid picture or story in the reader’s mind. Remember how engrossed you get when you read the popular novels? That is exactly what a descriptive essay should be all about. A descriptive essay usually is about an object, person, memory, place, or experience.

  1. Compare and contrast essays:

In this category the students will be given two similar-seeming yet quite opposite things to compare. To write this essay, a lot of preparation must be done carefully.  The students have to do some research and in-depth analysis of the essay topics for high school.

They have to note down that which elements are the same and how are the two contrasting? These essays dwell upon the similarities as well as the differences of the topic.

  1. Narrative Essay:

This type of essay is aimed at telling a story about a certain event or a specific experience in an individual’s life. It could be a funny incident or a family festival or experiencing a good movie. Not only that, it could also be an everyday activity which the writer wishes to explain and narrate to the audience.

In such category of an essay, you as a writer have the complete freedom to express your personal opinion towards things that you feel touched you. It could also be about places that you liked or people that you think left an impression on you. The most important thing to remember about a narrative essay is that it is usually written in the 1st person since it is usually a personal experience.

  1. Critical essay:

This category of essay is something where the writer has to evaluate the topic critically. It doesn’t have to be negative but if thee writer feels that there is a reason for a negative opinion then they might incorporate it. But, for each critical comment you make, it is crucial to justify it and provide a reason for it as well. The essay has to be very interesting and meaningful. You cannot just keep writing comments which you have no support for. So, be careful while choosing the critical essay topics for high school.

  1. Persuasive Essays:

This type of essay is quite a tough one, my friend. Here, you have to completely change the viewpoint of the reader and make them understand and agree to your opinion. It not only requires a good understanding of the subject but also in-depth analysis to gather all the information which is required to convince the readers.

The essay types can be broken down to many other types depending from person to person but the most important part of writing any type of essay is to spend some time doing research on your topic. Unless you know every little bit about your topic, it will be very difficult to write the essay.

A glance at some of the essay topics for high school:

Essay topics need to be very interesting to attract the readers and keep them engrossed. Let us have a look at some of the most interesting essay topics for high school students.

  • My secret place
  • An art exhibit
  • An ideal apartment
  • A small town cemetery
  • Something I wish that I had
  • The worst frightening experience I had
  • The scenario at a concert
  • The child’s secret hiding place
  • Backstage experience during a play
  • An encounter that left me in awe
  • A memorable journey
  • If I were a president
  • The delusional experience
  • The one thing that I could change about me
  • The unusual room
  • The accident scene on the highway
  • If you were a time traveller, which time would you travel to?
  • Pretend to be one famous person who is either alive or even dead.
  • Are rules important? What are the rules in your school which you feel are crucial?
  • Think of a book which you have enjoyed reading. Why did you enjoy, describe it!
  • Is family important for you? Explain why.
  • Is prom worth the hype?
  • Are male actors paid more than the female ones?
  • Does age matter in relationships?
  • How good is competition? Is it always healthy?
  • Are cell phones dangerous?
  • The day when my best friend asked me out.
  • Religion and politics. How related are they?
  • Is it okay to use animals for research trials?
  • The importance of technology in daily life.

So, here I have mentioned thirty amazing essay topics for high school which I am sure will be loved by readers and interesting for the writers as well.

Absorb these quick tips to write the best essays:

  1. Do not spend much time in choosing a topic. Remember that eliminating the topics which you have no idea about, is the best policy.
  2. Follow the fixed structure provided by your teacher.
  3. Analyse the topic which you want to write about, do not give imaginary facts.
  4. Maintain a proper plan for your essay and regularly follow it.
  5. Try incorporating questions in your essay because that really excites the reader and makes them eager to read your essay further.

Well, I personally love argumentative essay topics for high school, and always used to opt for those topics when I was in high school. Of course at first I was clueless but after that slowly and gradually I learnt the tricks to write an interesting essay that would amaze my teachers and get me higher grades. So, remember that patience and practice is the key to success!