Securitization Homework Help

Securitization- A topic that needs proper evaluation and guidance

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To know our provisions, let’s understand what securitization is.

What is Securitization?

It is conversion of loans or loan recoveries into securities directed by the SPV. The portfolio risks are reduced by accumulating the assets and adding credit score makes it stronger.

Different types of Securitization

  • Master Trust- this type of securitization helps in all credit card stabilities and ultimately handle different securities as well.
  • Issuance Trust- Parent companies like Citibank introduced it in the year 2000 which is not bounded by limitations. It requires issued series of securities for it.
  • Grantor trust- they are better known as automobile securities. They need to pass through trust in their initial days.
  • Owner trust- it is the most flexible in distributing principals and interest from different class of issued securities.

With the above four major types, you need to study about them distinctly. Their applications, terms and conditions and cases make the part of curriculum. Hence the need for Securitization homework help is mandatory.

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