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Forwards is a highly interesting topic in finance, but it is equally complicated at the same time. It is a kind of derivative instrument in which there is a type of non-standard contract between two parties for buying and selling of any asset at a future date and time,at a price that is decided at present. To understand this topic in an in-depth manner, you can take assistance of Forwards Homework Help manual designed by subject matter professionals.

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Importance of this topic: Forwards

A forward contract creates an obligation on both the parties i.e. a buyer as well as a seller. Buyer is under an obligation to purchase the asset at a future date and seller is under an obligation to sell their asset at a future date. But its price is set at the present time even though its trading will take place in future.

The buyer is said to be in a long position, and that seller is assumed to be in a short position. Many times forward contracts are used for the purposes of speculation and hedging as well. Forward contract can be related to different types of commodities, but its usage is highly seen in the financial markets where assets are traded off at an agreed price on a future date. Once you avail our Forwards Homework Help guiding manual, all these concepts will get absolutely clear.

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  2. The payoff criteria.
  3. The process of setting forward prices.
  4. The concept of spot forward parity covering investment assets, carrying cost and consumption assets.
  5. The relation between future spot price and definately forward price.
  6. Theory of rational pricing mechanism.
  7. Important extensions in relation to forward pricing formula.
  8. Reasons behind existence of forward
  9. Numerical analysis and case studies related to forwards.
  10. Concepts of hedging and speculation.
  11. Equity forwards, bond forwards, currency forwards and much more.

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