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Quality circle denotes unions of working men who perform similar work or identical work who meet sit on a regular basis to analyze and give solutions to work related problems. It is called a circle of quality because the most qualified persons are part of the group. Quality Circle Homework Help assist dealing with problems regarding the subject.

Ideas under Quality circle  

These circles have been formed by most organizations to stop workers from revolting or going on strikes that could retard the growth of business. Instead of violent protests and wastage of working time, small groups such as these circles have been formed. These groups are a technique used under management and has reaped several positive results.

The reason why this chapter is so important is that it facilitates the concept of self help. Workers come up with their own set of problems and create a way to solve them. These are usually small but the members are qualified.

In Quality Circle Homework Help it is clearly pointed out that members of this quality circle are trained by management in different inter-personal and problem solving skills. These skills include applying the cause and effect concepts, the idea of brain storming for quick solutions and the analysis established by Pareto.

Issues dealt with under quality circle

There are a few important topics under this chapter which need to be focused on by the learner. From a student’s point of view clear concepts are important and the focal points are:

  • Bringing about safety of occupation for workers as well as maintaining proper levels of health.
  • Design of products need to be discussed thoroughly.
  • Processes which are undergone in manufacturing
  • Improving conditions of work to bring about maximum productivity.
  • The concept of continuity is important. The circle is intact from one project to another.

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How quality circles can succeed?

There are formulas of success in every solution provided under management. For the success of the methods of management a few prerequisites have been established. These are as follows:

  • Different functions and stations of the working staff should be represented in this body.
  • Leadership to this body should be selected from amongst its members
  • Circle requires training in management skills.
  • The method of filling in the circle should be on a voluntary basis.

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