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Investment decisions are part and parcel of every business organization. Many times the company may have excess cash and capital which is lying idle. In order to make the best use of these resources, the finance department in the company opts for investing this sum of money in securities that can provide some returns to the company. Securities can be of any type like shares, debentures, bonds, mutual funds, certificate of deposits, etc.

While selecting investing securities, it is important to consider the aspects like the returns on investment, risk involved in it, taxability issues, the liquidity of investment, safety parameters, maturity period, etc. Once all these aspects are carefully analyzed and evaluated, then the best investments are chosen by the company for the portfolio.

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Areas covered under the topic Selecting Investing Securities 

Selecting Investing Securities is a broad topic, and it covers many concepts. Some of its core areas are discussed as follows-

  • Importance of investing in securities.
  • The process of selecting investing securities.
  • Different criteria for selecting investing securities.
  • Role of finance department and top management in the process of securities selection.
  • Calculation of risk and return with each investment.
  • Comparison through various financial ratios.
  • Types of securities which can be selected for investment purposes.
  • Comparison between long run and short run securities.
  • Role of different financial intermediaries in the securities market.
  • Market and economic conditions determining the selection process of securities.
  • Volatility of investments.
  • Managing the performance of investments and taking suitable actions in case of diversion.
  • Continuous tracking of all the investments.

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