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What is separation process?

Separation process, in chemical engineering is the process of mass transferring phenomenon, where a mixture of substances is converted into two or more products or mixtures and might even divide the mixture into its pure constituents. They are carried out based on the differences in their chemical and physical properties which allow the application of certain techniques to separate such mixtures.

Different techniques employed 

There are number of techniques that are employed to separate mixtures and separation processes (see also: separation of mixture) homework help makes you understand that. Listed below are some of the techniques used variedly:

  • Filtration: it is the most common technique of separation an insoluble solid from a soluble liquid.
  • Evaporation: for the separation of a soluble solid and a solvent.
  • Distillation: to separate a liquid from a solution.
  • Magnetism: for the separation of two solids where one has a magnetic property.
  • Separating funnel: separation of two liquids that do not dissolve like oil and water.
  • Paper chromatography.

Apart from the above mentioned few, there are other techniques too like crystallization, centrifugation, decantation, and so on.


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