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The idea of simulation

Simulation is a very important topic that is learnt by those students who are engaged in technology, engineering, computer science and many others. This is actually an imitation of any operation of real system or real process. Simulation act requires a model to develop. This model generally shows the behaviour, characteristics or function of any chosen abstract or physical system. Model shows that system itself and simulation shows operation of the system.

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Use of the simulation

The idea of simulation is used in many purposes and different field such as the simulation of technology for safety engineering, training, performance optimization, video games, testing and education. Computer experiments are applied for learning simulation models. It is also applied to human system for getting insight into the functioning. It can be used to represent the effects of course and condition of action.

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Classification of simulation

  • Physical simulation:

In this simulation physical elements are substituted for some real things. The chosen physical elements are generally cheaper than the actual system.

  • Simulation to analyses the failure:

With this method, we can find the failure of the equipment and the cause of this failure. This is the perfect way to identify the failure quickly.

  • Interactive simulation:

It tells about the human in the loop simulation where physical simulations add human operators.

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Purposes of simulation

  • Computer simulation
  • Simulation in entertainment
  • Automobile simulator
  • Simulation in education
  • Biomechanics
  • In marine
  • Clinical health care simulators
  • In military

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