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What do you mean by sinking fund factor?

In simple words, we define sinking fund as a fund which a company or an individual form to deposit sum amount of money on a regular basis. The purpose of this fund is to repay any debt or liability in future. For instance, if a borrower has to repay its loan with seven years term and payment mode is balloon payment then it can save the amount under sinking fund.

It will help the borrower to pay off the principal amount on due date. Some bonds include sinking fund provisions, in which issuer has to set aside money so that it can repay the bondholders at maturity.

Our sinking fund factor assignment help provider clearly explains all the topics on sinking find factor

  • The purpose of sinking fund factor

A company or individual generally uses this fund to find out the amount that one should keep in reserve each period to meet the future monetary obligation.

  • Formula for calculating sinking fund factor

There are two values required to calculate sinking fund factor. One is Periodic Interest Rate, and another is Number of periods. It is usually expressed as an annual percentage rate and in years, respectively.

  • Compound interest

Students also have to learn about compound interest under this topic.

While providing sinking fund factor homework help, our experts always keep in mind to explain the benefits of sinking fund factor. Students needs to determine following things

  • Determine the amount a company should deposit at the end of each year to repay the loan on maturity.
  • How much amount should one save at the end of each month as a retirement fund?
  • How much money should one set aside as a home maintenance charge?

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