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It is a computer programing framework created by Matei Zaharia in 2009, at UC Berkeley’s AMP Lab and from 2010 it is available as open source code under BSD license. Later in 2013 its right is given to Apache Software Foundation as a developer under Apache License 20. This programming frame work is designed with several computer languages such as Scala,   R (1), Python, and Java etc. to perform a bunch of computing tasks through Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux operating system.

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A fair idea about the topic 

To explore the revolutionizing basic technology of this programing framework you must get a fair idea about

  • Apache Spark

Its hardware, the resilient distributed dataset is based on bunch of machines and those are controlled and maintained through fault-tolerant method. The method of API is changed  here with the change of version such as on version  1.x,  RDD API is used but in  2.x version though uses of RDD API is possible still the  uses of Dataset API is suggested here.  For detail technical knowhow you must consult our SPARK assignment help, so visit us at helpmeinhomework.

  • Core

It takes responsibilities for entire project, by providing the dispatching of all the distributed tasks, proper scheduling and preliminary input or output functionalities. All these are exposed through several languages API.

  • SQL

It is renounced for its Data Frames which gives support to all kind of data whether they are fully structured or semi structured. It provides a specific language for a specific domain for a proper manipulation of its Data Frames in different languages.

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