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Definition of Strategic management

Strategic management includes the implementation and the formulation of the goals of any company that are taken by high authority of management for the sake of company owner. The initiatives of managers are based on their resources and at the same time on their internal and external environments. With the help of this strategic management, a company can perfectly compete in their market with other companies.

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Importance of the strategic management

This management helps to provide the right direction, improving objectives of any organization, developing policies and plans to reach these objectives. Managers develop many models using this strategic to make proper decision in their critical situations. Companies can reduce their problems and can easily improve their progress. This is perfect to get handle the complex situation for the managers.

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Formulation of strategic business

Formulation of strategy includes analyses any organizational environment where manager operates a strategy, creating a series of strategic decisions that will help to perform well in their business competition and the formulation ends with objects and goals that are created to improve their company.

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Environmental analysis involves:

  • Industry environment.
  • Remote external environment.
  • Internal environment.

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Strategic questions:

  • What is the business of their organization?
  • What kind of business should include improving their progress?
  • What is the geographic area of their business?
  • What kind of skills and employees should develop?
  • How can the company improve their growth?
  • Who are the targeted customers of their organization?
  • What are the risk and opportunity for their company?
  • How can company develop scope?

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