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Strength of materials is mainly about the capacity of metal, wood, concrete and other such materials and the purpose behind the study is to have an understanding of how much stress and strain these materials can put up with. The study aims at assessing the stresses and strains in structural members like beams, columns and shafts. The resultant methods used in envisaging the responses are yield strength, ultimate strength, Young’s modulus and Poisson’s ratio. Students often face problems with calculations and when they do, they might not come up with accurate results. Help me in homework  is all about providing Strength of Materials Homework Help to these students.

A deeper perspective of the subject matter

In material science, strength of a material is referred to as the potentiality of the same material to hold out an applied load either axial or shear, without any failure. These materials need to face up with forces, which are called stresses and also need to bear with the resulting deformations. It is the deformation that is caused to the material is what is called the strain.

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