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Understanding Market based ratio

Market based ratios determine the economic status of the company, i.e. whether the stocks of the company are undervalued, overvalued or have a just price. Financial analysts need to calculate the market based ratios for getting an insight into the value of a company from point of view of the other investors.

Some terms related to market based ratios

Let us acquaint ourselves with some terms related to market based ratios. Our team of Market based ratios assignment help will explain you following concepts in details:

  1. Stock prices and market value: Price per stock of the common stock, the premiums the investors are willing to pay, needs to be known for calculating the market based ratios.
  2. Price to Earnings Growth Ratio: P/E ratio give the cost required to acquire a company’s earnings. Now, a higher P/E ratio says that a company’s price to earnings growth rate is higher and vice-versa.
  3. Dividend Yield: Dividend yield allows any financial analysts to compare their other investment opportunities which are available to all investors like income from a stock.
  4. Price to Book: The price to book value is used for understanding the market value of a company and its assets. After knowing that price value, it can be known whether a Company’s shares are undervalued or not.

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