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Money needs to be earned, spend and most importantly invested wisely. Need for idle money to grow is a necessity for any full time or part time employed person. For this, we have financial institutions.

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There are different types of financial institutes who perform according to rules and laws created for them. If seen closely, any person having a credit or debit card is associated with some or other financial institute. So let’s study the different types of institutes.

  • Depository- as the name suggests these types of institutes allows depositing money. Commercial banks and credit institutions come under this type of institute.
  • Non depository–insurance companies are the non-depository institutions. They do not allow depositing money but transfer funds from savers to debtors.
  • Investment institutions- these institutes are for purchasing property, securities and assets. So they play an important role in building the economy.

Students need to understand in details about various types of institutes. We program the homework task in such a way that the student read the details in simple yet effective way. The policies, term deposits and other documents issued by these institutes too are explained.

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